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Charles Hunter
USGTF Member
Ft. Washington, MD

Charles “Larry” Hunter a USGTF member since 1998 is on the move in the field of teaching golf. Since becoming certified, Larry has given golf lessons to over 3000 different clients. One wonders how he is so successful in signing and maintaining such a phenomenal number of clients, how he is able to bring them back time and time again, and what lies in the future for Larry?

Larry has been teaching golf on and off for over 40 years. When he saw that golf was on the rise and realized that he wanted to teach golf full time, he made a bold step and retired from his job with the local transit company, one that he had held for 33 years. Larry gave lessons on soccer and baseball fields, mainly teaching the short game. After spending many days in the hot sun and giving many lessons, one day a client asked him if he was certified to teach golf. With an honest answer of “No”, Larry decided right then and there to get certified. No hesitation and no second thoughts.

After achieving USGTF certification in February 1998, Larry started teaching golf full time. Incidentally, that client was pleased with his “uncertified” lesson and continues to call when he needs to “brush up” with a certified instructor. Larry continued using local soccer and football fields and parks for his lessons, starting out with five children together, and another husband who wanted to get his wife out of his hair. At stores, malls, on the streets or anywhere that someone looked like they had the potential for golf, he asked if he could give them his card. He even gave cards to mothers and fathers with small kids and told them to call him in a couple of years. He once gave a card to an Air Force major that went overseas for two years. When he returned he called Larry and started taking golf lessons.

He has received many referrals from those soccer field clients and soon moved to a driving range where he became head pro after about six months. He gave countless lessons six days a week, working from 7am to 10pm during the summer months. He organized, advertised and recruited clients for a “ladies night”, a “senior citizens day” and a “kids day.” He gave “appreciation days” for his clients and even cooked hot dogs and hamburgers for these events.

The referrals, passing out business cards, and a free radio advertisement (from one of his clients) have all kept him quite busy. Larry is currently teaching at Ft. Washington Driving Range in Maryland where he is the head teaching pro. Looking towards the future, Larry will continue with all of his current programs. He is about to sign a contract to give group lessons for the County Department of Parks and Recreation. His largest project for 2002 is to secure a grant from the USGA to co-sponsor a youth golf camp and round of golf at a local golf course for aspiring young golfers.

Larry feels that he will continue to be successful for the following reasons: his personal love of the game, his honesty with clients, his strong determination to assist and develop anyone with the desire to hit a golf ball, and most of all his USGTF certification.

if you don't have that swing, it doesn't mean a thing.